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As a master developer of ports, we at Abu Dhabi Ports are firmly focused on the big picture – diversification of the UAE economy. Our objective is to act as a catalyst for development and trade in the emirate, allowing our customers and stakeholders to benefit from the highest levels of service, marked by excellence and transparency.

Since our inception in 2006, Abu Dhabi Ports has been a story of success, made possible by two fully-launched mega-projects; Khalifa Port and Khalifa Industrial Zone (Kizad).

Today, we are competing with the best ports and industrial zones in the world having earned a reputation for exceptional, value-added services.

From a time when the now offshore Khalifa Port was the sea and its industrial zone was only a vision, the two projects have raised the standard within the industry. Labelled as the most advanced in the region, Khalifa Port is currently serving the world’s largest container ships, while Khalifa Industrial Zone has broken targets for attracting the industry’s biggest players.

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