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 Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Bromma is a major supplier of crane spreaders. In more than 50 years of continuous operations, Bromma has delivered crane spreaders to 500 terminals in 90 nations on 6 continents, and Bromma spreaders are in service today at 97 out of the world’s largest 100 container ports. Bromma is a major supplier of ship-to-shore crane spreaders, mobile harbour crane spreaders, and yard crane spreaders, and has delivered nearly 400 crane spreaders to automated terminals, where the highest level of reliability is essential. A pioneer in the container handling industry, Bromma is focused on lifting the productivity of its customers through more reliable spreaders. Bromma’s industry-leading all-electric Greenline™ spreaders, Tandem™ spreaders and recent Green Zone™ port productivity applications such as Roadmap™, Fleet Doctor™ and Work Order™ are part of this continuing effort.
Bromma is part of the Cargotec organization.

Bromma 15 Tukang Innovation Drive Singapore 618299 , Singapore , Singapore