Buena Vista Shipping LLP, Mumbai

On Board-RPSL/Manning/Shipping Jobs
 BuenaVista Shipping LLC (BVS) has been launched by experienced professionals having extensive knowledge and experience in the Maritime field.

BVS is a culmination of experience & Entrepreneurial Spirit. With the Collective experience of over 50 years in maritime field primarily being involved from concept to Development and then into profitable ventures, BVS has the blend of innovation, grass root expertise and aptitude for enhancing knowledge for best practices with result oriented implementation. The BVS team thus constituted has eminent personalities from Shipping (Commercial, Technical, Purchase, Crewing & IT ), Banking, Legal, etc thus achieving the required zenith of experience and youth.

Our Vision
To be a prime complete marine service provider for energy transportation. To be the Best ship managers for its customers and to be regarded as undisputed leader in energy transportation and ship management.

Our mission
The company is committed to provide world-class marine assets, to transport energy in all forms, that would meet and or exceed customer requirements, thus enhancing value of all its stake holders.
The company is committed to provide high quality ship management system and to use our team’s scientific & experienced knowledge to achieve a safe, environmentally responsible and efficient operation on all our managed ships.

Core Values

> Innovative, Loyal and Responsive to our customers
> Quality through Professionalism, Reliability and Transparency
> Responsible Safety and Environmental practices
> Competitive and Entrepreneurial spirit
> Enhancing & spreading knowledge
> Fostering loyalty within its employees at sea and ashore

The company aims to achieve…..
• Safety and environmental protection as our top priority.
• Zero Accidents, Zero Harm to people and environment.
• Enhancement and sharing of knowledge to inculcate best practices.
• Fostering of loyalty amongst its colleagues, clients, customers and stake holders.
• Being a Socially Responsible Company

Company Policy

“It is our endeavor to deliver operational excellence in energy transportation and in doing so will strive for safety, protecting the environment, maintaining quality of our assets and health, our colleagues afloat and ashore.”

In order to achieve these objectives, we will Conduct our business in a manner that will :

• Strictly comply with all applicable existing laws and regulations.

• Establish management systems & provide training to enhance competence so as to conduct our operations that will safeguard people, property and environment.

• Emphasize safety and environment protection as our top priority across all its stake holders.

• Undertake continuous evaluations on our management systems to minimize operational risks.

• Ensure quality and excellence in operation to meet customer needs.

• Endeavour to exceed the customers expectations by conducting our operations in a responsible, open & transparent manner, maintaining open communications with all its clients.

The company is having RPSL-MUM-350.