Consulate General of the Republic of Panama

On Board-RPSL/Manning/Shipping Jobs
1 (504) 525-3458 / 525-3459
 Any natural or legal person, regardless of nationality or place of origin, are eligible to register ships under the Panamanian flag.
The registration procedure is simple and flexible, allowing the registration of a ship in a span of eight hours, provided it complies with all requirements.
Reliable system naval mortgages backed by national and international banking.
Operation Panama offices 24 hours to attend the Asia and Europe despite the time difference.
Strategic representation in sixty countries worldwide through merchant marine consulates.
Adoption of the quality system.

Marine Requirements - The Panama Maritime Authority, through the Directorate General of Seafarers (DGGM), notifies that as of November 1st 2001, merchant marine consulates will only accept application forms for Title Endorsement, complying with the 1995 amendments of the STCW 78 convention.

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