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Craneports Ltd specialises in the sale of new cranes and port handling equipment, crane refurbishment and technical support, sales of equipment and spare parts, consulting and management services for new crane construction.
The company was established by a team of mechanical engineers with with over 20 years’ experience in the construction of the largest and most important cranes in Greece. This includes container cranes, slewing and luffing jib cranes, transtainers, ship unloaders, gantry cranes, heavy duty steel mill and power plant overhead cranes, among others. Craneports offers expertise in all the different phases of crane construction, including design and calculation, tender offer preparation, contract, material and equipment procurement, client communication, project management, construction, erection and commissioning supervision, after sales support and complete technical management.
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CRANEPORTS S.A. (GERANOLIMENIKI A.E.) Mesogeion 99 11526 Athens , Piraios , Greece