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 Dee Vee Ship Management is a crew management and manning company based out of India. Skilful and hardworking crew forms a crucial component of maritime activity. We understand the relevance of efficient crew on-board. The requirement of crew can vary according to the process of shipping or type of vessel.
With this straightforward vision of providing the best crew in the industry, Dee Vee Ship Management was formed in June 2014 by Chief Mate Mr. Dhruv Sawhney along with Chief Mate Mr. Aayush Anand and Captain Sourabh Gargash.
Dee Vee Ship Management offers complete crew management and recruitment services foroffshore and main fleet vessels through its officesin New Delhi and Kolkata, India. We are progressively hiring officers and ratings from all across the world, including India,Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, Azerbaijan and Romania.
We hold an outstanding record of achieving 95% approvals, of all our proposed officers and ratings. We attribute this to our strong team hereat Dee Vee. Being seafarers ourselves, we have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of the ship owners, managers, operators as well as seafarers.
An endeavour started by skilled and experienced seafarers, we are a unique combination of expertise and youth. Our in-house team comprises of personnel who have first-hand experience at sea and understand the crewing needs and requirements for running your ships safely and efficiently.
We consider our seafarers as our greatest strength and strongest assets because of their quality, knowledge and their professionalism.
We provide every client with a dedicated pool of of ficers with a wide range of experience in line with the requirements and the type of vessel. These crew members are selected through a stringent screening before being deployed.

The company is having RPSL-MUM-273

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