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ELME Spreader supports companies worldwide with container handling solutions that make their work easier and more profitable. Over a period of four decades, our customers have attached over 16,000 ELME spreaders to their lift trucks, reach stackers, straddle carriers and cranes. The trust we’ve earned has made ELME Spreader the world’s leading independent spreader manufacturer.

ELME Spreader was founded in 1974 by Gösta Karlsson, a mechanical engineer from Ljungby, Småland, who dreamed of running a business of his own. Through hard work, commitment and persistence he’s managed to build one of the most renowned companies in the business. At the age of 65, Gösta Karlsson is still very much active in the daily operations and strategic development of the company.

ELME Spreader AB P.O. Box 174 343 22 Ă„LMHULT Sweden , Kronoberg , Sweden