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 Emerson has boldly transformed itself to create value for our customers and shareholders. With our newly energized focus on our two core business platforms — Automation Solutions and Commercial & Residential Solutions — we can confront the challenges of an increasingly complex and unpredictable marketplace from a position of strength. This allows us to drive both near- and long-term value. And retain our single-trusted-partner status with the process, industrial, commercial and residential industries.

Emerson, founded in 1890, with headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri USA, is a diversified global manufacturer and technology provider. It has a manufacturing and/or sales presence in more than 150 countries with 132,000 employees to design, engineer, manufacture, sell and support Emerson products and solutions in every region of the world. Emerson Industrial Automation provides power generation technologies, services and solutions that increase Port Logistics performance, efficiency, reliability, and availability. The Emerson portfolio includes Automation Solution, Drives & Motors, Material Joining, Fluid Automation, Mechanical Power Transmission and Power Generation.

Emerson Electric Co. 8000 West Florissant Avenue, P.O. Box 4100 St. Louis MO 63136 United States , Missouri , United States