G.l.g. Shipping

Freight Forwarders/Liners Agent & Brokers
9714 3357330
 Providing our customers with one-stop chain services including space booking, warehousing, storage, distribution, consolidation, freight forwarding, e-clearance, commodity inspection and transportation.

Established in 2006, G.L.G shipping & Logistics has come a long way in gaining trust with the customers, suppliers and retaining employees; Moreover being a trusted name in the market space. However we are not just looking back at what we have achieved but are from the beginning more focused in flourishing our existing services deeper and at the same time branching out in different market avenues and possibilities. We believe that growth is the only way forward and are dedicated each day, hour, minute to the making the growth a reality.

P.O. Box: 124398, Second Floor, #202, Umm Hurrair Building, Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates , Dubai , United Arab Emirates