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 Ince & Co is an international commercial law firm. The majority of our work is for organisations in five global sectors: aviation, energy, insurance, international trade and shipping. Our clients own, build, manage, finance, lease or insure the high value, often mobile assets that play a fundamental part in today’s competitive global markets. If you have business interests in these areas, please contact us.

Our advice covers commercial disputes, transactional and corporate matters including contracts, commercial issues, employment, finance and property. With over 600 people, including over 90 partners and more than 190 other lawyers worldwide, we practise English, French, German, Greek, Hong Kong and PRC law. Singapore law advice is provided by Incisive Law LLC with whom Ince & Co in Singapore has a Formal Law Alliance.

Ince & Co Middle East LLP (Dubai Branch) The Maze Tower, 10th Floor, Sheikh Zayed Road P.O. Box 123004 Dubai United Arab Emirates , Dubai , United Arab Emirates