Krishnapatnam Port

Port Authority ,Port Operators & Management
 Krishnapatnam Port is planned to be the largest port in India. This vision is been built on superior infrastructure and customer centric facilities. To further achieve this dream, we require expert professionals like you to form an integral part in making it a reality. Krishnapatnam Port provides a global environment for growth and immense opportunities to explore ones capabilities. Since it is in the process of development, it promises to give your career the winning edge in terms of experience and success.

As a company, we value our human resource and our organizational systems are therefore structured towards their well-being. Our work culture is conducive for high productivity which in turn is well rewarded and equally well appreciated. We believe in developing leaders who strive on performance, self-improvement and have a healthy competitive spirit. Our values and principles are based upon a simple fundamental – Satisfaction; and to achieve that we encourage our staff to constantly improvise, be creative, generate new ideas, take self-initiatives and achieve fulfillment in ones work.

The company’s philosophy stands on strong pillars of integrity, honesty, professionalism and work ethics. These basic fundamentals are the core elements of our workforce on which our company is being build. The opportunities are immense with best-in-class processes enabling the development of a global business management skills and expertise.

Being a part of Krishnapatnam Port can truly be a voyage of discovering people, their cultures and most importantly knowing that you are bringing about an infrastructural change in India that is going to revolutionize the way the world does business with us!

P.O. Bag No. 1, Muthukur, Dist. Nellore - 524 344 , Andhra Pradesh , India