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What once started as simple anti-sway, has since been developed into a product that meets the modern safety demands and automation possibilities. The protection of man and machine is only guaranteed, when antisway and intelligent monitoring functions work hand in hand together. At the same time Lehnert Regelungstechnik strives for operator friendliness and reliability. High Performance and optimised Hardware opens possibilities which exceed conventional technologies. A large spectrum of solutions has been developed through experience and close cooperation with customers. Lehnert Regelungstechnik provides a proven technology and will continue to expand its development by each new case for you.

The company’s director Dr. Mario Lehnert has worked many years in the development of electronic positioning- and sway-control systems for cranes. Through his more than 25 years work he has set standards in the field of positioning- and sway-control systems, be it for overhead bridge cranes, gantry and slewing cranes or portainers. Lehnert is a team of research and developement, commissioning and account managing staff, to meet and serve all customers’ tasks in quality and time. Lehnert Regelungstechnik GmbH is an innovative and globally active company that creates, delivers and commissiones sophisticated crane control systems to serve our customer’s task and schedule.

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