Lilly Maritime Pvt. Ltd

On Board-RPSL/Manning/Shipping Jobs
 Lilly Maritime is an Indian company registered at Mumbai on 13th September
1996, as per Company’s Act 1956. The Company is promoted and managed by
Marine Professionals having adequate exposure and experience in Ship
Operation and Technical Management. The company having RPSL-MUM-061. The company is positioned as a
scalable, people driven organization, supported by state-of-the-art
infrastructure, tested processes and a focus on quality. The company is a
profitable dividend paying Company.

Company renders Services to Ship Owners in;

a. Ship Management (Technical & Crewing).
b. Pollution Control of Marine Oil Terminal.
c. Jetty Operation and Pigging Services.
d. Maintenance & Repairs to Ships’ hull and equipment.
e. Consultancy and Supervision on Green Ship Recycling
f. Diving Services and Underwater Repairs & Videography.
g. Onshore Plant Construction.

The Company aims at improving the performance of vessels under its charge
and optimises the operating cost by:

 Implementing Quality Management System as per the
standard of ISO 9001:2008
 Implementing ISM Code & ISPS Code of International
Maritime Organisation (IMO)
 Careful selection of Officers, Divers and Crew as per the
requirements of the STCW 1995 Convention and Flag
requirements with experience in type, size and trade of
subject vessel.
 Carefully planning, Preventive Maintenance Schedule of all
Equipment on board and the Hull and monitoring the
execution thereof.
 Regular inspection, supervision of vessel and training of
crew for safe operation.
 Maintaining all trading and SOLAS Mandatory Certificates
& Classification certificates and keeping them updated.

13/II, Tarun Industrial Estate, Mogra Lane, Andheri East, Mumbai 400 069 , Maharashtra , India