Marlow Navigation India Pvt. Ltd.

On Board-RPSL/Manning/Shipping Jobs
 Established in 2006, Marlow Navigation India (Pvt) Ltd. is a crew and technical ship management company based in Mumbai.

Marlow India is a manning agency for the maritime industry, sourcing, recruiting and providing Indian crew exclusively for the Marlow worldwide. India is a significant maritime labour supply nation and emerging source market for Marlow Navigation. As such, the group is committed to its presence here, well supported by an established office and team in Mumbai. The office in India aims to better promote the industry as an attractive and viable career, and Marlow as one of the leading maritime companies to work for.

Marlow India having RPSL-MUM-054 also provides technical ship management services. The technical team here in Mumbai comprises engineers of the highest calibre and with extensive experience in their respective field.

301/A Shreya House, 3rd Floor Pareira Hill Road, 400 099 Mumbai, India , Maharashtra , India