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 From top handlers and straddle carriers to terminal tractors and forklifts, Michelin radial tyres are engineered to provide the stability and traction needed for heavy payloads and stressful environments.
Patented and introduced by Michelin in 1946, radial tyre construction is recognized worldwide for its ability to deliver numerous benefits that bias-ply tyres cannot, including long life, resistance to cuts, punctures and tears, excellent traction, improved handling and fuel economy and a smooth ride.
The company operates a global dealer network, providing on-site service and evaluation of tyre performance and specification. Ports and terminals form part of Michelin’s Earthmover Division, a leading supplier of tyres for quarry and mine equipment, including radials for the world’s largest earthmoving equipment.

Ride on very short distances, ensure thousands of back and forth or back and forth to load or unload ships as quickly as possible, stack up to six containers safely, perform these thousands of moves on abrasive floors , To meet the specific requirements of port handling, Michelin develops tires specifically adapted .
In a rapidly expanding global market, the MICHELIN reference is distinguished by its offer for the most complex machines , the most demanded in port handling requiring an ever increasing productivity, with the highest hourly yields.

The quality of MICHELIN tires allows our customers to benefit from an excellent return on investment due to the long service life of our products. MICHELIN XZM2, MICHELIN X-Terminal T, MICHELIN X-STRADDLE and MICHELIN XZM2 +, testify to the productivity gains experienced by port handling companies following the renewal of their fleet with MICHELIN tires.

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