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 PACECO® CORP. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of cargo container handling cranes for seaports. Our primary products, PORTAINER and TRANSTAINER cranes, are among the most reliable and productive container handling cranes on the market. PACECO CORP creates new concepts and solutions for a variety of container handling equipment and systems in order to meet the challenges of the maritime logistics industry. We accomplish this by incorporating new designs, engineering green technologies such as eco, low energy and high efficiency into our products.

The Container Handling Equipment Market is demanding that cranes accomodate the ever increasing size and volume of container vessels. The large-size Portainer® provides high productivity through the use of a higher lifting capacity as well as an increased trolley speed. PACECO®Corp. has developed numerous designs and to suit a variety of needs. A Unit Drive Gantry Systems aid in the maintenance process by eliminating open gears which allows for easier replacement. PACECO® CORP. has produced numerous designs to suit a variety of needs. Low-Profile and Articulated Boom designs are available for ports situated near airports. PACECO® CORP. has also supplied Mono-Girder and Self-Propelled Trolley cranes.

PACECO CORP. World Headquarters 25503 Whitesell street Hayward, CA 94545 , California , United States