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 PUSHPAK GROUP With utmost consideration for the Safety of Life and Property and the Protection of Environment, the Company dedicates itself to meet the expectations of its Customers and the aspirations of its Stakeholders by ensuring that effective Safety, Quality and Environmental Management Systems are in place that comply with the relevent National and International Codes, Standards Statutory and Regulatory requirements.

In line with our strategy to be a market leader, a preferred safe service provider and an Organization caring for the environment, we shall monitor and ensure the effectiveness and continual improvement of our systems, leading to excellence.

With our firm belief in team success, we shall achieve our objectives by providing training and adequate resources to a highly motivated and an empowered workforce with due regard to their health and safety.

When you are thinking about international shipping, you can consider the following ways to deliver your load to your required destination. Consider the options of air, sea and land shipping and transport. The competent international shipping companies listed on the website will help you to choose the best way to deliver your goods to its final destination.

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