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 Römer Fördertechnik GmbH (RFT) based in Wetter/Ruhr, Germany, is specialized in brake and safety technology in the fields of port-, mining-, conveyor and materials handling technology.
RFT has successfully cooperated with international crane manufacturers, operating companies and consultants.

Hydraulic buffers, dampers, brakes, couplings, storm brakes, guide rollers, bottom blocks and many other products are designed, manufactured, assembled and tested in RFTs own facilities in Germany.

They products feature the highest safety and quality level in the market of materials handling and safety technology.

Combining responsiveness to customers unique requests with skilled design engineers ensures cost effective solution in a short time. This flexibility is supported by an extensive inventory of all standard products. Customer specific designs are implemented with minimal effort and is delivered with short lead times. RFT also ensure long lasting and safe solutions that are efficient for the customer.

Since being founded by Dr.-Eng. Roland Römer in 1982, the company has grown to four plants and covers more than 8400 m². The large storage area enables quick delivery times.

RFTs products exists in applications across the globe and are installed in the world's leading companies. Professional and competent consultants, quality products and instantaneous shipping of standard parts are firmly anchored in the company concept.

The safety of people, facilities and protection of your system are the highest priority and the company philosophy!

RÖMER Fördertechnik GmbH Nielandstraße 53 58300 Wetter , North Rhine-Westphalia , Germany