Seaspan Crew Management India Pvt

On Board-RPSL/Manning/Shipping Jobs
 Seaspan having RPSL-MUM-014 provides many of the world's major shipping lines with alternatives to vessel ownership by offering long-term leases on large, modern containerships combined with industry leading ship management services.

SUPERIOR CONTAINERSHIP OPERATION operate and manage state-of-the-art containerships, facilitating the transport of goods worldwide. Our fleet is comprised of a group of 100+ vessels, organized into 3 divisions: operating, newbuild and managed.
With a staff of over 4000 employees, we oversee and manage every aspect of the process from ship to shore. A conservative, strategic approach allows for measured and consistent growth, while a strong set of values govern the integrity of our everyday decisions.

SEASPAN'S CADET TRAINING PROGRAM says To be a truly great company, it is not enough to plan for today—you must also plan for tomorrow. At Seaspan, we believe that our future strength at sea rests in the hands of our current cadets, and in the emphasis and care we place on their training.

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