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Simatech Shipping provides a pioneering feeder service in the Gulf, the Indian Sub-Continent, Far East and East Africa. Connecting all ports in the Gulf including Umm Qasr, major gateways in the Indian sub-continent such as Mumbai and Colombo, ports of Far East such as Port Kelang and Singapore, and Mogadishu in Somalia, Simatech has provided its customers with unrivalled service quality by using its own tonnage. Simatech is constantly looking at breaking into new markets and new frontiers to better serve the dynamic demands of the shipping industry.

The Middle East has always been a vital pivotal region for the international trade, both in terms of controlling trade and being a strategic post for many countries for thousands of years.

The shipping industry has long been changing, growing with international trade and until recently, was largely unnoticed by the private sector in the Middle East. Apart from the few “state owned” companies, I believe the presence of private shipping companies in the region has been on a considerably small scale.

Because of this, Simatech's goal is to create a benchmark in providing timely connection for its customers and designing services that meet the individual need of its liner customers. As of today, we have managed to achieve significant growth both in tonnage size and market share, driving towards our growth as a shipping force and contribution to the regional economy.

We are not alone. Other companies have followed the Simatech vision and now we can witness the growth of the shipping industries within the private sector. It will not be long before we see the true potential of the shipping industry in the Middle East grow to its full potential. This will bring new opportunities and will further utilize the growing workforce of the region, develop and enhance not only the shipping industry, but whole spectrum of related markets.

Our goal has been and will continue to be the satisfaction of our customers, to whom all our gratitude goes for their support throughout the years.

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