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Velodyne LiDAR’s 3D LiDAR sensors are not only utilised in ACV’s to generate 3D maps/images in real-time environments – they provide wide area coverage and are utilized to automate ports to load and unload containers from ships to trucks and vice versa
For example, Velodyne’s three-dimensional LiDAR sensors provide a better and faster measurement data which results in a richer data set with a simplified gantry design.

Velodyne LiDAR Sensor Advantage:
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership
    • Reduced Sensor Count
    • Shortens/Simplifies Design and Implementation Time
  • Detailed 3D Images for Vehicle/Object/Container Profiling
    • Full Surround View in both Horizontal and Vertical Fields
    • Fast Identification of Vehicles, Objects and Containers -Object Detection and Identification
    • Identify Port Workers Wearing Retro-reflective Safety Vests
  • Fast On-site Commissioning Time
  • Flexibility in Use of Pure Measurement Data
Since its commercial debut in 2007, Velodyne's HDL-64 High-Definition 3D LiDAR has been the go-to perception sensor for autonomous motor vehicle navigation through complex environments. Velodyne sensors provide a 3D model of the world around the vehicle, including calibrated reflectivity data for precise localization, segmentation, and object tracking and classification within the environment. Now Velodyne has introduced the VLP-32 sensor platform, further improving performance and range for those seeking the best data for Level 2 through Level 5 self-driving programs.

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