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This disclaimer is not an effort to tarnish image or reputation of any shipping company/ agent or of the shipping industry as a whole. It only attempts to educate and inform the people in the industry or those who are planning to enter the same. We have been receiving a lot of emails lately regarding such fraudulent cases in the industry and we think creating awareness about the subject is the best way to address the problem. Thank you all for your support and faith in

What is RPSL License & why it is necessary :

Recruitment and Placement Services Licence (RPSL) is mandated by the Directorate General of Shipping for authorised recruiters and agents in India. Recruitment & Placement Services (RPS) rules issued by the Govt of India and enforced under the Indian Merchant Shipping Act, which provides a mechanism for protection of Indian seafarers working on Indian and Foreign flag vessels and the necessary safeguards for their repatriation in the event of their being stranded or during such other exigencies, when the ship owner fails to discharge the duty of repatriating the seafarers to the home port of the seaman. All RPS providers is issued with a Recruitment & Placement Services License (RPSL) number.


NOTICE TO SEAFARER :All Seafarers Must read this :


Notice Attention:  All Seafarers (Present & Prospective)


Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India has noted with concern, the rise in number of complaints received from seafarers who are cheated/ fleeced by unauthorized recruitment and placement agents under pretext of offering them placement on board foreign flag ships. Common problems reported by the seafarers are;


1.      In an event of seafarers meeting with an accident, injury, stranding or any other mishap, the unauthorized agencies do not provide any kind of assistance for repatriation / medical aid / compensation etc.

2.      Such unauthorized agencies do not provide assistance or make intervention in disputes regarding wages/compensation, arising between the seafarers and the foreign flag ship owners. 

3.      In case of demise of the seafarer, unauthorized agencies avoid taking up responsibility of bringing mortal remains or arranging compensation. 

2.      In all the above mentioned complaints, it becomes difficult for DGS, GoI to directly take up the matter with the foreign flag ships, as they do not come under its jurisdictional control.  It is therefore, requested that placement through unauthorized agencies may strictly be avoided, as it may lead to complications/problems for the seafarers. It may be noted that sea service through an unregistered agency cannot be uploaded in the e-governance system of DGS and therefore will not be considered by the DGS for examination/ certification.  It is therefore advised that the seafarers may get their placement on foreign flag ships only through registered placement and service agencies. List of such approved agencies is available in the website Before considering any offer of appointment from placement agencies, you must check the website of DGS and ascertain whether such agency is registered or not.  

3.      There could also be a case of some fraud agency impersonating as a Registered RPSL. As a measure of precaution, before considering an offer of appointment from any Registered RPSL, you may also contact the said RPSL on telephone or by an e-mail and ascertain its genuineness. The contact details of all such registered RPSL are also displayed in the website for information. 

4.      The registered RPSL are required to upload the details of your sea service in the e-governance system of the DGS. Such uploaded details are visible to the seafarer in the master checker of the seafarers profile in the e- Governance system. You are advised to regularly visit the master checker and check whether the RPS has correctly uploaded the dates of your sign on/ sign off in the system in the same month to ensure that your sea-service records are up-to-date.