Career as a Engineer Officer

A career at sea is very demanding as well as rewarding. It offers a level of job satisfaction, a wide experience and challenging work environment. Experienced Marine Engineers are in great demand in all industries because of their ability to handle very large power plants, their resourcefulness, sense of responsibility and ability to work with their own hand with almost no external assistance.

A Marine Engineer is a very valuable and responsible member of a shipping crew. He has to operate and control all engineering system onboard his ship, and maintain them in good working condition. This gives him tremendous experience and confidence. However, it must be understood that the life of a Marine Engineer is tough, and not suited for the weak hearted. But there is compensation as well. Class IV Certificate of Competency holder starts as a Fourth Engineer (approx. Salary US$ 3500) with prospectus of becoming a Chief Engineer in about 8 year (approx. Salary US$ 9500 - 13500) plus leave and allowances.