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Beware from Fake Or Fraudulent Shipping Agents And Institutes?

No Image  Beware from Fake Or Fraudulent Shipping Agents And Institutes?

Important Note:

The Purpose of this article is only attempts to educate people about maritime fraudulent agents, not aim to tarnish name of shipping companies /agent or Institute.

Many institute and shipping companies saw this major demand and supply gap, which resulted in rise of Maritime Institutes and Shipping Agents. Whenever there is rise in opportunities, a few unethical entities always take advantage of the situation and this is exactly what has happened in the last 5-8 years. A number of frauds have occurred to seafarers and they continue to do so by certain manning agents and maritime institutes.

The merchant navy, which is a great and attractive profession, has become a haunt of agents by fraudulent agents and making money. This entire impression in the entire society is emerging that the merchant navy means the money launderer and agents' fraud. All those who want to join the merchant navy from all over India are trapped in these agents not only lose their time but also loot a lot of money. Agents have made such an environment that it seems impossible to get their jobs without it. These include the officers of several companies.

This Merchant Navy business has reached an estimated 10 to 12 thousand crores annually. Most people do not know about merchant navy careers, because of this, the boys coming from small towns and remote villages are trapped in the affair of these agents. This agent charges INR 4-5 lakhs for job placement And once trapped, these agents play badly with both your career and future. After taking so much money, the cadet has to wait for months to get a job. The poor man gets into a lodge in Mumbai, after which he is given a fake CDC, the visa that is on the tourist visa is sent to him for work. Most of them are sent illegally in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Indonesia and Malaysia. Sometimes these boys are caught at the airport because they have gone to work on a tourist visa, which is illegal and are put in prison.

The ships on which these agents send boys to the boys are very poor and the treatment is so bad that the boys do not take the name of the merchant navy when they come home and tell all the details about how bad the merchant navy is.
Because of all this, the name of the merchant navy is not only spoiling the name of the society, but the people of the good students and the good family are making the distance from it.
It is necessary that people can be told about the merits of Merchant Navy and the ways of joining a merchant navy directly on the road and what are the benefits of it, if the people are to know it then the situation can change. It is very important for the merchant navy to emerge from the clutches of the agent, for the future of the merchant navy.

we request all students who want to peruse their career in merchant navy check their credential of institute at DG shipping website
Following thing must be consider:

-Where will be the training held?

– Whether Training Institute in India is approved by D.G. Shipping and IMU or not also checks the management reputation. Avoid taking admission in those institute which asking extra payment for CDC & other documentation.

- If any Maritime institutes provides courses approved by foreign authority. Please confirm whether your are eligible or not and check them with the country shipping authority by communicating with them through mail /call. Here one notable point to be consider some fake foreign institute already made fake website arrangement so be aware while cross checking information.

-Whether DG approved them for that particular course or not?

-Whether they approved for one course & sending students to other Non DG course or not?

-Whether Fees charged for DG approved Course is as per DG norms or not like DNS course fees is from 2L to 2.5 along with food & accommodation. With which company they have a tie up (as they are claiming 100% placement)?

-What time they are taking for placement, If you are in contact with an agent for maritime job, ensure check RPSL license & its validity. How they will manage to give placements? . whether its chargeable or not? (Disclaimer: It is very difficult to gauge the motive of even an approved RPSL agency or agent, which may cheat candidates for sake of easy money. As per Maritime Labor Convention Act, and mentioned by DG shipping, a candidate cannot be charged for onboard training from a company or agency). A fraud agent will demand money against the payment of a fee, variously called “Administration”, “Facilitation” or “Service” fees, or other such designations. Never ever pay such money.

- With lack of jobs for entry-level candidates, the students are desperate and are still willing to pay manning agents to get placed onboard for training. In such cases, never pay money in advance and understand what kind of company and ship you are going for. Take a written statement from the agency about the money involved and the kind of job they are going to provide. It is very important to understand what kind of service charges the agent/agency is taking from you. They may tell the candidate that all the money will be used for flight tickets, visas and work permit etc. (which technically will be paid by the company who is hiring you for the job), hence check for the type of ship you are getting on (coastal, offshore, foreign going etc.) and type of visa they acquire (tourist or work visa with duration of stay etc.). This will help in understanding the intentions of the agent and save you from the troubles you will face abroad in case the agent sends you to some other country to join a ship

This type of situation arises due to lack of job availability and maritime institutes producing thousands of fresh seafarer without considering job opportunity. Check this entire thing with research to avoid this problem .


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