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How to Get Dangerous Cargo Endorsement Certificate?

No Image Dangerous cargo endorsement is a certificate of authorization for a seafarer, qualifying him/her for working on any vessel dealing with cargo that are categorized as maritime dangerous goods. Shipping of materials like gasoline, petroleum, chemicals etc requires specialized authorization by the government of a nation for a vessel to handle them. To be qualified to work on such vessels, every seafarer would need a DC endorsement.

Why is Dangerous Cargo Certificate Necessary?

A dangerous cargo certificate is a very important part of a seafarer’s qualifications if he/she intends to work on vessels dealing with maritime dangerous goods.

But here are some reasons why having this endorsement is so important.
– A dangerous cargo certificate ensures of a seafarer’s abilities to handle maritime dangerous goods in international waters according to the rules put forth by IMO.
– The certificate endorsement ensures a seafarer’s familiarization with dangerous goods regulations. It does not matter what position you work on, holding this certificate is imperative.
– The dc endorsement certificate is issued after the seafarer has taken examination and undergone training, as per the regulation of respective government. Training in dangerous cargo handling ensures that seafarers are well equipped to handle every emergency on ships.

How to get dangerous cargo certificate endorsed and what to remember?
In order to obtain an endorsement for your dangerous cargo certificate, you would need an authorization from your country of citizenship’s government. Following procedure can be followed for the same:
– Obtain a form for endorsement of your dc certificate
– Attach attested copies of additional documents that are mandatory along with your endorsement form. These documents include:
• Certificate of competency
• Oil/chemical/liquid gas familiarization course
• Specialized training program oil/chemical/ gas tanker course
• Advanced fire fighting course, fire prevention course
• Liquid cargo handling course
• Documents depicting past experience on tankers and other similar vessels
• Indos number
• Medical fitness certificate ( updated in preceding six months)

Besides the above mentioned documents, you may also need to attach reports from the Master or Chief Engineer on the ship board training and service, along with a certificate attesting satisfactory completion of shore based training.
– The form and the attested photocopies of all required documents along with the mandatory fee should be sent to the central authority that handles endorsement in the country of your citizenship.


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